And I’m Off…..

I have come to terms with single life and have the hopes it will be a blast, however this revelation has come with total anxiety and panic. I am legitimately scared, and I think for good reason. It is not easy. It takes time, money, and energy, all of which are completely scarce in my life.

I am finding a wing woman is essential for any kind of success rate. One of my best girlfriends and I decided to take a short weekend trip to San Diego….paradise. Out of our tandem, I am the only one seeking out any kind of interaction with the opposite sex, making her the perfect wing woman.  So, we decided to go out on the town. We meet these really cool guys at a local bar and this really attractive man seemed interested in me. You better believe my confidence level spiked.

So, the bar officially closes and we decide to do a late night Denny’s run after an invite from “hot guy”. I am thinking he is interested because we have now spent a close 5 hours with each other. I am ready to give this guy my number. Little did I know this night would come to a screeching halt. After our $4.00 meal at Denny’s, which he did not pay for, the group of guys would not walk us home and didn’t even ask if we wanted a cab! We are sent off on our way with an “It was great meeting you and you are beautiful”. What is that? I mean , I know I am newly back in the game, but how do you spend that amount of hours with someone and not even ask for a number or at least be gentleman enough to make sure two girls make it home safely? Am I being too harsh on this subject? Needless to say, the night was a total bust in my book; however I did learn these important things:

  • I need a gentleman, not a boy.
  • I realized that yes, handsome men will be interested; not just my ex.
  • Bars are not scary and I need to stop being so shy.
  • Confidence is key.

I guess we live and we learn, but man I wish my first experience wasn’t so……….fantastic and miserable at the same time. I will just  keep putting myself out there; or I can keep reading romance novels to fill the void 🙂 

Until next time,



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