Ohhh Tequila

So, I had my clear revelation and promised myself I wouldn’t take any more steps backwards than I already have, which I haven’t. Following this turning point I went to vacation with my roommate. It was just the two of us girls, which actually worked out well for what I needed. It is hard to coordinate with a bunch of girls do EVERYTHING that EVERYONE wanted to do. This trip, we each were able to do what we wanted and what I wanted to do let to something I needed. P.S. Get your m4776_9x12_1Tequila_MUST_BLK__81477.1349719653.600.600ind out of the gutter 😉

This trip to Mexico was everything I could have imagined. It was relaxing, adventurous, stress-free and even painful. But it also gave me something else…Confidence.  After one too many drinks and shots of tequila, my favorite, I found myself finally letting loose and just enjoying being out with people my age at Cabo Wabo. I finally didn’t care about making eye contact with the cute guy across the room or making sure that I stood out and had the perfect pout to catch somebody’s attention.

Then, out of nowhere, comes a cute guy from Pasadena. I didn’t know it, but he helped me with more than getting drunk on Tequila. The reminder that there are men out there who pursue women, maybe for non-relationship intentions, but they do pursue and stay gentlemanly. We danced, we drank, we danced and drank some more and it was perfect. There may have been a little smooch fest at the end of the night, but I decided to stay true to myself and allow myself to properly heal. You all should be proud of me for that! Because a girl has needs! In the end, numbers were exchanged and maybe a few texts, but nothing in the sense of picking up where we left off once we landed back in Cali. But I am okay  with that! It gave me the kick in the ass I needed. I am ready to date and open myself up to both rejection and happiness. This is a huge step after a year of living in the past. Communication has stopped with the ex and it is time to move forward, with whomever and how ever that is going to be.

Cheers to finally setting myself free!

Until next time…



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