Single Girl’s New Year’s Eve Struggle

All we want is to get all dressed up, hangout with a good group of friends,  get kissed at midnight by a nice guy who is nice to look at, and bring  in the New Year – Is that too much to ask?

The internal struggle of a single girl trying to decide her New Year’s Eve plans are real and the anxiety is high. As New Year’s Eve approaches we have definitely not committed to anything and must weigh all of our invite options. The final outcome of the night will definitely be a game time decision. We obviously want to be invited to as many events as possible that way we can cover our bases and have different types of events to choose from. However, in the end, the plethora of choices only makes it harder for us single gals, especially because each type of night has their pros and cons:


(Source Tumblr)

Best Wifed-Up Friends– You are always invited to the events by this group of friends and you know you will have a good time because honestly they are your BEST friends. The only problem is you are always the third, fifth, eighth, eleventh wheel – you get the picture. They will never exclude you, but let’s be honest, it is a different vibe on holidays such as New Years. They are romantic and magical and I know if I were them I would probably spend a majority of my time making out and making googley eyes at my significant other. One day you will be in that inner circle, but this year is not that year.


(Source Tumblr)

The Get out of Town Friend– So I live in Los Angeles and an amazingly fun friend of mine lives in San Diego, which is a great party atmosphere to celebrate new beginnings with a hangover after a night of mistakes you won’t want to remember. That being said it will be an amazing time. The only problem is the fact that although San Diego is only a two hour drive, that doesn’t translate in time for California traffic.  With it being a holiday week, this drive could take three hours there and an additional three hours back home. That drive wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to keep reminding yourself  to breath when most likely any smell could bring on nausea. This also applies to most other cities because traveling this week of the year makes most people want to poke their eyes out with pencils. This option will be best for the next few years when the holiday doesn’t fall on a goddamn Tuesday ruining everyone’s PTO requests.


(Source Tumblr)

The Single Girls Pack – This would be your best bet in a perfect world because your go to single girls are on the same page as you, most importantly when out on the town and drunkenly twerking. The only problem, they think the same way as you and half way committed to other group activities. Thus, the Single Girls Pack has dispersed to different parts of town for the evening and on top of that, there is no way you can decide which one of their events to go to since you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Better planning for next year, but hey at least the annual Anti-Valentine’s day party is only a few weeks away and by then carbs will be your friend again. Who keeps their New Year’s resolution after January?


(Source Tumblr)

The Work Happy Hour Tribe– This group knows how to party and you like to party with them, but that smooch once the clock strikes midnight can become really really complicated. It goes against your smart rule of “Don’t S*@t where you eat”. And isn’t the New Year about starting fresh with new experiences – not ones you’ll have to relive over and over again every time you run into them in the break room.  Best advice would be to steer clear of this till happy hour on a completely innocent and non-smooch your prince at midnight holiday.


(Source Tumblr)

Well good luck choosing ladies; it’ll be hard, it’ll be spandex and glitter-filled, and it’ll likely end around 12:30am on your couch with left over Chinese food in complete bliss.




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