Get your Mingle on

So, you have moved to a new city. Or maybe, you have grown out of your friendships and are looking to meet new people. Everyone has been there at some point in their life where you need an outlet to find like-minded individuals with whom you enjoy spending time. However, when in cities like Los Angeles, there is always a struggle to find the right place and time, but at a price where you aren’t going to have to dip into the vacation fund you have been saving up all year.


Well, I am here to tell you White Oak premium vodka has your solution. With the launch of their product, the company will be hosting bi-monthly complimentary pourings with the first one in April held at Coco Laurent in Downtown Los Angeles from 5-7pm on the 24th. If you cannot make it before then, there will be happy hour pricing from 7-8pm.


How can you turn this event down? I attended their kick-off event last Thursday, and it definitely lived up the brand’s mantra “This is Living.” It was easy to mingle on the patio with the young professional attendees. The chic location radiated sophistication and class providing the most appropriate setting to celebrate this one –of-a-kind product.


Don’t miss the next pouring, Thursday, April 24th at Coco Laurent located at 707 S. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90017 from 5-8pm.



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